The Future Belongs In The Cloud

On Bulsho Fiber Link Limited, we concentrate on helping companies and organizations to understand the use of cloud services both deployment-model and service-model. Organizations have exciting opportunities to reimagine, repurpose and reinvent their businesses with the cloud each company has different cloud needs dependent on various aspects. To make the most use of cloud computing model, you should opt for a model that suits your company best.

Our cloud service-model comes in three superior types that make business operations easier. Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) and Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS). We recognize your business has specific set of needs in cloud services that are completely different from any other corporates, thus we offer each of these models and have its own sets of benefits.

Bulsho’s deployment model has four main categories: public, private, hybrid and community clouds. The cloud deployment model also outlines the purpose and nature of your cloud environment each cloud deployment model can be contented different needs of the organization and so, you should choose the model that fits within your organization’s methodology. A cloud deployment model represents the particular category of cloud environment based on who controls security, who has access to the data, and whether the resources are shared or dedicated.

We provide managed services for migration to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It’s our conviction that cloud technology is a principal engine of digital transformation. Transferring workloads for our customers to the cloud brings them the following key benefits:

  • Business flexibility: the cloud makes sophisticated technologies (BI, Big Data, IoT) less costly and allows their faster deployment.
  • Cost structure transformation: you will be able to reduce the CAPEX/OPEX ratio as well as overall IT expenditure.
  • Security and compliance: in general, the cloud outperforms on-premises architectures in terms of business continuity, data protection, and regulatory compliance.
  • Resolution of licensing problems: the platform and all its application versions are up to date at all times. Therefore, you can forget about the renewal of contracts and the end of support for software.

Why Choose Our Cloud Solutions


High speed file transfer to the cloud. Large or small data you got reliable upload and download high performance speed.


Your data is secure with global standard cyber security technology. No fear of compromise or breach.


Our control-panel is user friendly and simple. Getting your data is simple and less complicated.


As your business expands, there is enough room to accommodate you in every aspect. Scalability at your disposal.


We are here to help you whenever you need. 24/7/365, you can count on us


Small business or large enterprise, we have a package just for you.