Guaranteeing reliable networks by using FTTB and FTTH

According to the FTTH Council of Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, FTTH and FTTB are the only two network architectures that standardized at a global scale and these two network topologies are capable of delivering the best network-connectivity needed to develop today’s societies and economies.

Our Highly skilled engineers are concentrating on helping companies and individuals to understand standardized installation of FTTB and FTTH networks to their premises that enable their clients to access high-speed networks connectivity at low latency performance and much higher speeds for downstream and upstream.

The advantages of an FTTH-FTTB network

  • Speed: One of the biggest advantages of FTTH is the improved speed of the Connectivity.
  • Upcoming applications: There are several new applications coming to FTTH.
  • Connecting with multiple devices: The days of the “Limitation” are gone. With FTTH you can have multiple devices in our homes, from laptops, Computers, Tablets, Smart-phones, smart speakers, and IoT devices like smart locks