Bulsho’s Intercom & Biometric uses advanced AI capabilities to deliver superior intercom and biometrics solutions. Our products work across mobile, web, and telephone channels, as well as conversational interfaces, IoT devices, and embedded hardware to improve security and significantly reduce friction in the user experience. 

We have  a strategic partnership with the global leading players of Intercom and Biometric . We help our clients to protect their property and assets by providing the latest technologies and solutions that offer protection against theft, damage, loss, and criminal activity.

Our intercom solution allows tenants to see and talk to visitors, open doors, monitor building entrances and issue virtual keys from their smartphones, and simplifies property access management for property managers and owners. Cutting-edge smart door phones, an easy-to-use mobile intercom application and a powerful cloud-based management portal are all designed to deliver an unparalleled building living experience.

The smart biometric access solution delivers multiple authentication and verification options, including facial recognition, voice recognition, and liveness detection. This helps security teams provide secure and convenient verification and access.