The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have proven advantageous for almost every industry, facilitating the creation of new business, and boosting efficiency. Bulsho’s IoT solutions will help connect devices, manage tasks, analyze opportunities, and transfer information in a secure way. We offer an assortment of specialized smart home, commercial building automation and smart water meter solutions that increase the value Bulsho offers to customers with smart functionality that integrates seamlessly.

Bulsho’s smart home automation gives you the ability to control domestic appliances by electronically controlled, internet-connected systems. Awesome reasons why you should consider Smart Home.

 Manage your house operation with just a single click, Bulsho Fiber Link is here to innovatively automate your house making it future-proof, secure, modern intimate and comfortable.

With our smart home solutions, you do not have to worry about forgetting to lock your garage door, leaving the tap open, unclosed curtains, setting the security alarm system or switching on/off the lights.

  • Conveniently Protect Your Home and Belongings
  • Keep an Eye on Your Kids, Pets, and/or Aging Parents
  • Trim Your Energy Bills
  • Answer the Door from Anywhere 

Our smart City buildings solution has advanced IoT sensors in place to collect data from various building functions and subsystems, data that the building’s operator can use to both automate and enhance the building’s operations and maintenance. These smart building use cases include:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Working Environments
  • Maintenance

A robust, low power, solar powered, easy-to install tank/ reservoir sensor which allows you to monitor water levels in any location from anywhere. A quick 30 min install and you will be able to access your data via our dashboard, app or via SMS. It comes with an in-built back-up battery that can resolve up to one week’s energy supply in case of limited solar power.


  • Water tank level analysis and reporting.
  • Track water tank state, capacity and location
  • Get notifications for low/ high consumption level thresholds
  • Get litre per hour consumption updates
  • Predict water tank level status
  • This information is also accessible via SMS
Flow Monitoring

The smart meters are a revolutionary real-time water flow and consumption monitoring solution which allows remote access to its users via a dashboard, app or SMS. You can now track how much water you receive and exactly how it is used. Features:

  •  Water consumption analysis and reporting
  • Trends and patterns of water consumption
  • Get notifications for low/ high consumption level threshold
  • Track non-revenue water
  • Predict consumption growth
  • Track leakages by monitoring inactive user hours
  • This information is also accessible via SMS Flow Billing (Postpaid)

Flow Billing (Postpaid)

Our smart billing meters allow full automated water consumption billing and assured payment collection every month. The most outstanding feature is that in the event the tenant is overdue with their monthly payment, the meter remotely disconnects water flow and as soon as they settle their dues, the meter remotely resumes water flow. Features:

  • Automated water bill reporting.
  • Get a billing notification every end of the month.
  • Track payments: expected amount; collected amount and pending amount.
  • Track individual houses
  • Remotely open and close meters.
  • This information is also accessible via SMS.

Flow Billing (Prepaid)

This water meter comes with a Customer Interface Unit (CIU). Tokens for the CIU can be purchased via mobile M-Pesa and recharge via the interface. The water meter is remotely cut off when tokens are depleted, until the client purchases additional tokens. Features:

  • Automated token generation.
  • Easy management and accounting of token purchases. Analyze and track water meter tampering.
  • M-Pesa integrated – tokens can be purchased via mobile money
  • Fast and reliable token recharge services.
  • Automated water shut-off on token depletion
  • Weekly water level graph reports for water usage analysis